terms of service

These terms of service refer to the rights and obligations of both parties declared by the sender entrusting our company to deliver the goods. It is concluded on the date of signing by the sender, the parties to the contract are our company and the sender, and both parties must abide by the terms of service. The “shipment” mentioned in this article refers to the goods that have arrived at our company or have been signed by our company’s staff. Each shipment will be subject to the provisions on liability limitation in this article.
If the sender requires a greater degree of protection, additional insurance can be purchased.
1. Restricted and Prohibited Shipments
The sender agrees that all the shipments delivered by him are transportable. The following items will not be accepted: 
1) Hazardous items, dangerous items, and prohibited or restricted items specified by the International Air Cargo Association (IATA), the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and other relevant government departments or organizations Items (restricted items for posting: batteries, items containing batteries, medicines for emergency medical or scientific research, sports guns, live animals, magnetic items that do not exceed the standard, perishable items, radioactive items, vaccines, private seals or official seal, etc.).
2) Items that our company believes cannot be safely and legally transported (including but not limited to: counterfeit and shoddy items, spray containers, alcoholic liquids, asbestos, butane lighters, medical waste, toxic items, corrosive items, food, tea, cash, Checks, counterfeit banknotes, medicines, dry ice, flammable and explosive items, obscene items, magnetic items exceeding standards, oxides and organic peroxides, weapons and ammunition, soluble paints, animals, cash, bearer negotiable Bills, precious metals and ores, firearms, ammunition, human bodies, pornography and illegal narcotics/drugs and other items prohibited by local law).
2. Inspection
Our company has the right to conduct a sample unsealing inspection on the shipment without prior notice to the sender. If restricted or prohibited items are found, our company will detain all the shipments on the day and not ship them.
3. Delivery and inability to deliver.
The sender ensures the accuracy and completeness of the recipient. The shipment cannot be delivered according to a certain post office box (PO BOX) or only according to the postal code, and will be delivered according to the recipient provided by the sender. Address delivery (in postal delivery the first recipient of the mail should be considered the consignee), but not necessarily directly to the recipient himself. If there is a centralized receiving point at the recipient’s address, the shipment will be dispatched to that receiving point.
In any of the following situations, our company will process the shipment in a reasonable manner according to the sender’s request, and the additional costs incurred will be borne by the sender: 1) The recipient
refuses to accept the shipment or pay taxes;
2) The shipment is considered unacceptable;
3) The customs believes that the sender’s customs clearance information does not match the actual goods (the sender of the customs clearance invoice issued by the goods is our company, if the customs requires the customs clearance information stamped by the real sender, send The sender needs to cooperate with the customs to handle it);
4) The recipient cannot be determined or found.
If the sender fails to provide handling advice in a timely manner or the government of the destination country cannot accept the sender’s handling advice, our company has the right to abandon the shipment without any responsibility to the sender or others.
4. Freight The
freight published on our website does not include remote charges and additional charges for special products and special packaging. Some freight methods need to be calculated based on the actual weight or volume of the goods, whichever is higher. Our company can charge any goods Re-weigh and measure to confirm its calculated data. The sender shall pay or return to our company all freight, surcharges, storage fees, customs duties and other taxes collected by our company itself or incurred on behalf of the sender, recipient and any third party in the transportation service (partial express The method may not be able to know the additional charges in advance, and the final charges shall be subject to the carrier’s bill); when the shipment falls under the non-delivery situation mentioned in Article 3 of this article, it shall also pay to our company all the resulting Return shipping, import charges, compensation, damages, fines, and other related costs.
5. Return of the goods The
goods will be returned if any of the circumstances mentioned in Article 3 of this article occurs in the freight mode that provides the return service. Due to the different links provided by various carriers for the return of international goods, the time required for the return of goods varies. Our company will use reasonable efforts to notify the sender after the goods are returned to the delivery address, and process the goods according to the sender’s opinion, but we do not make any commitment to the time frame required for the return of the goods.
6. Responsibilities of our company
Our company’s liability to the sender based on this clause is limited to direct losses, and does not exceed the limit announced by each mode of transportation. Because the sender can insure against special risks in advance, our company will not be liable for any other loss or damage (including but not limited to loss of profit, income, interest and future business), regardless of whether these other losses or damage are special or indirect , whether or not we knew of the risk of such loss or damage before or after acceptance of the shipment. Only one claim can be made per shipment, and such indemnity will be the sole and final solution for all losses and damages. If the sender believes that the provisions of this article on compensation will not be sufficient to compensate for its losses, it should insure the value of the goods by itself, otherwise the sender will bear the risk of all losses and damages.
7. Cargo Inquiry
In case of any of the following situations in the shipping method that the carrier can provide for query (other than surface mail and small parcel), the sender can submit an inquiry application to our company: 1) The goods are not displayed on the Internet according to the normal processing time
. Tracking information;
2) The goods were not delivered successfully beyond the time limit promised by the selected mode of transport;
3) The goods were successfully delivered on the query website corresponding to the selected mode of transport, and the recipient responded that the package was not received (except for the China-Europe special line EUEXP);
4 ) The recipient responds that the goods are damaged, reduced, and inconsistent with the delivered goods;
5) Unexplained expenses occur.
The sender should ensure that the goods information is detailed and accurate when delivering the goods, and provide relevant information about the goods to be queried when inquiring. The carrier refuses to inquire due to the conditions, and all losses and responsibilities shall be borne by the sender. Due to the limitation of time, space and transit links in the international transportation shipment inquiry, the inquiry period of different countries and different transportation methods is different. Our company will use reasonable efforts to inquire about the shipment for the sender, but will not respond to the delay of the carrier. Take responsibility.
8. Claim
Any claim must be submitted after the inquiry period of each freight method of our company is over.
1) Lost within our company
From our company signing the shipment to our company delivering the shipment to the carrier, if the shipment is lost, our company will be responsible for compensation. The amount of responsibility is based on the declared value entered by the sender in our system or the actual value of the product (that is, the purchase voucher and invoice provided by the customer), whichever is lower. The maximum amount of compensation for a single parcel shall not exceed USD 100.
After the carrier sends out the lost shipment from our company, the carrier will provide relevant handover certificates. If the shipment is lost, the liability lies with the carrier. Our company will assist customers to claim compensation from the carrier, and the claim amount shall be implemented in accordance with the compensation regulations of each shipping method.
3) The shipment is
sent to the wrong address due to our operation reasons. Our company will refund the mailing or courier fee collected to the customer, and can choose to compensate the value of the item or the declared value, whichever is lower , bear the surface postage of the parcel returned from abroad to Shenzhen, and process it in the lowest cost way of the surface postage of forwarding the parcel from the wrong address to the correct address. However, it does not bear the indirect economic losses caused by wrong shipments. 
4) Lost parcels due to customs spot checks
When the parcel passes through the customs, the customs opens the parcel for inspection, which may lead to loss of the parcel, loss of the contents (all or part) of the parcel, or seizure by the customs. Our company does not assume any responsibility arising therefrom.
9. Delays in transportation
The delivery time announced on our website is the time from the operation record on the corresponding query website to the arrival of the goods, but does not include the time for our company to pick up the goods, the time for sorting at the sorting center and the time for customs clearance. These standards are not commitments and do not form part of an agreement. Our company is not responsible for any loss or damage caused by shipping delays.
10. Irresistible factors
We are not liable for loss or damage caused by causes beyond the control of the carrier. These reasons include but are not limited to: natural disasters, such as earthquakes, tornadoes, storms, floods, fog, etc.; force majeure such as wars, air crashes, or embargoes; inherent defects or characteristics of the shipment (whether our company knows it or not); riots or civil riots; acts or omissions of persons who are not employees of our company or have no contractual relationship with our company, such as senders, consignees, third parties, customs or other government departments; labor incidents; Electromagnetic corruption or deletion of records.
11. The sender’s guarantee and liability for compensation
If the sender violates the relevant laws and regulations or violates the following guarantees and representations, the sender shall bear all the expenses incurred and compensate for the loss and damage caused to our company: 1 
) All information provided by the sender or its agent is complete and accurate;
2) The goods are prepared by the sender or its employees under the premise of safety;
3) The person who prepares the goods for the sender is reliable enough ;
4) The sender should ensure that our company is free from improper interference by others during the preparation, storage or transportation of the goods;
5) All the markings of the goods are complete and accurate, the address is clear, the packaging is proper, and it is suitable for safe transportation under general attention;
6 ) Comply with relevant customs and import and export regulations, as well as other laws and regulations.
12. Route
The sender accepts all routes and detours arranged by the carrier, including possible transit stations.
XIII. Application of law and dispute resolution
Taking into account the interests of our company, all disputes related to this clause will be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the court of the country where the shipment was originally sent, and the original place of shipment shall apply. country law, the sender irrevocably accepts the jurisdiction.
14. Severability
The invalidity or unenforceability of any part of these terms shall not affect the validity and enforcement of other terms.

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